Our mission is to provide highest level of education to massage therapists in Thaiyurveda Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Massage, Herbal Body Treatments and to inspire them to treat clients from the holistic perspective of Mind/Heart, Body and Energy

We offer classes in Thai massage on the floor, Thai massage on the table and Herbal Compress massage. Our classes focus on proper body mechanics and techniques that can be applied to any type of massage such as sports massage or deep tissue. The compresses are an ideal tool to save the therapist's hands; they do the deep tissue work!

We focus in the highest quality of ingredients and formulate them in various methods to fit your clients’ needs. To maintain Eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable standards, we use Wild Crafted and
Certified Organic Herbs, and 100% Natural cotton. Our compresses are biodegradable, and our packaging is recyclable and reusable.