Integrating Mind Body & Energy Inspirations

In Bliss


In Bliss is inspired by those beautiful moments in which we lack nothing and feel fulfilled by what we are doing and our surroundings. 

Mantra: I am content.

Practice: Create moments of stillness in which you can simply just be.

Product Collections: In Bliss Unscented. 

Effects: Hydrating to the skin.

In Radiance


In Radiance is a state of well-being that shines from within. A radiant smile speaks a thousand words and makes the heart sing. 

Mantra: I allow my light to shine.

Practice: Let your smile guide you through the day.

Product Collection: In Radiance Ginger, Orange, Lemongrass,  Peppermint

Effects: Decongestant, over all well-being.

In Motion


Being In Motion increases energy and focus. It's time for play and joy!

Mantra: I move to create transformation and energy.  

Practice: Movement of the body, stillness of the mind.

Product Collection:  In Motion Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus,  Rosemary

Effects: Muscle ease, pain relief, uplifting.

In Harmony


In Harmony is a feeling of contentment and balance within ourselves.  Being in Harmony promotes feelings of  gratitude which  humbles us, opens our hearts and help us grow.

Mantra: I am grateful

Practice: Accept the beauty that comes your way with an open heart.

Product Collection: In Harmony Lavender, Jasmine, Orange, Ylang-Ylang

Effects: Hydrating, Relaxing.

In the Now


Being In the Now helps us to be grounded and present with our self and those around us. Acceptance gives us a sense of peace and stillness.

Mantra: I am present

Practice: Bring your mind to the present moment. Acknowledge distractions and let them go.

Product Collections: In the Now   Vanilla, Coffee, Coconut

Effects: Hydrating, Grounding, Awakening.

Facial points


Facial Sen Points

-Apply a small amount of your herbal balm or Aroma roll-on on each point.

-Follow the diagram and apply pressure to each point. Hold each point for two to three  deep breaths.

-This is a great time to set your daily intention and say your mantra.